The ORIGINAL No-Drip Umbrella!

The Wonderbrella is probably one of the more unique inventions of recent years. It's not JUST an umbrella! It's a full-size no-drip umbrella with a unique plastic sleeve that pulls up over the umbrella when you close it, to retain any moisture and keep it from dripping all over your house or car. The drip cap allows you to let the water drip out where and when you want! It's a truly 'drip free' umbrella!

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Eliminate ALL the mess with The Wonderbrella!

* A special retractable plastic cover slides easily over the entire umbrella.

* Its unique cap at the tip can remain closed to keep the water from dripping out. Loosen the cap to drain the umbrella anytime you wish.

* Opens quickly and is spring loaded for ease of use! Just one finger on the trigger, and you pop it open!

* The Wonderbrella no-drip Umbrella is made of water-resistant material.


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The only umbrella that won't drip

all over your car and home.

It's all in the sliding plastic cover

and adjustable drip cap!